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Mini Spatula & Massager

Our Crème Du Loch branded spatula and applicator. Made of solid, recyclable metal and luxuriously gold plated.  


Designed to give you the perfect amount of crème each time and with a wonderfully smooth ball massager on the opposing end for around the eye area.  Spatulas are considered the most hygenic way of applying moisturisers to the skin. 

Mini Spatula & Massager


    Proven Ingredients

    Untitled design-4.png

    ✓  Retinol

    ✓  Kelp Extract

    ✓ Natural Oils 

    ✓ Rich texture

    ✓Biophytex ®

    ✓ Shadownyl ®

    ✓ Quicklift ® 

    ✓ Lipobelle ®

    ✓ Kelp Extract

    ✓ Scottish Spring Water

    ✓ Matrixyl 3000®  

    ✓ PeptAide 4.0 ® 

    ✓ Quicklift ® 

    ✓ Dragosine ® 

    ✓ Kelp Extract 

    ✓Scottish Spring Water

    Check out our ingredient glossary here to find out more

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