Creme Du Loch is a luxury British skincare brand, dedicated to producing the finest products using high-grade skin nourishing ingredients, which are responsibly sourced. 

The vision of Creme Du Loch is to deliver an innovative age-defying moisturiser which is not only packed full of high quality ingredients but also truly delivers on its promises.


Our  family run business in collaboration with leading biochemists has over 40 years combined experience in the skincare industry. We spent over 2 years developing and improving our formula until we were astounded by the fabulous reviews from our test groups and the transformation of their skins' appearance. 

The secret at the heart of Creme Du Loch is our unique blended formula. With high mineral, anti-oxidant and vitamin content; our creme nourishes the skin and slows down the signs of ageing whilst promoting a youthful, radiant glow. 


We believe that luxury skincare should not come at the cost of the environment. We, therefore are committed to sourcing our high quality ingredients prudently and sustainably. 

We are dedicated to providing effective and ethical skincare which has not harmed animals in the any aspect of our creme's development or testing phases. Our age-defying daily moisturiser is both cruelty free and vegan friendly. 

Our signature box and jar are highly recyclable, harmonising with our pledge to help preserve the oceans. Our kelp extract is harvested from farms on the west coast of Scotland. We believe it is essential to use farmed sea kelp as it is sustainable, cultivated in undisturbed waters and establishes a healthy habitat for sea-life. 



Kelp is a natural superfood which has an abundance of amazing skin benefits, both short and long term.


Kelp is packed full of minerals and anti--oxidants, which soften dry skin, help retain moisture and therefore keeps your skin hydrated for longer. 

Kelp's abundance of minerals penetrate the skin and remove toxins. Pair this with kelp's anti-inflammatory properties, it can reduce the appearance of breakouts, leaving you with clearer, healthy skin.

Kelp aids in the protection, maintenance and regeneration of cells at the skin's surface. This leads to an overall improvement in skin firmness and a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The copious anti-oxidants in kelp also help protect the skin against UVA rays, daily pollution and external aggressors, all of which accelerate the ageing process. 


Using kelp extract in your skincare regime will help slow down the ageing process and keep you looking younger for longer. 



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Crème Du Loch is a division of Dermaloch Ltd United Kingdom