I have been using this beautiful, vegan and cruelty free Crème Du Loch Age-Defying Daily Moisturiser for 4 weeks and it’s time I gave my honest review.

The Deets: A luxury Creme containing Scottish Kelp & Retinol. Reduces the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, evens skin tone, whilst promoting a healthy glow. I have tried this cream alone, with a serum, with oil, with application of makeup on-top and as a day and night cream. I love a good moisturiser and I have dry skin, so hydration and feeling my skin is soft and nourished is essential. For me this product works beautifully well with serums and oils. 

In fact this cream is unique in the sense that rather than it leaving a glossy finish it leaves a matte finish! Its perfect as a base for makeup! (I used it in the evening and if using in the day spf is always advised esp due to the retinol)

This is my first time using retinol - the company has informed us that it is 0.02% and I have felt no irritation or dryness from it. It’s definitely worth starting with this! My skin feels nourished and it feels good when I put it on and my skin looks and feels better too! Like it’s been rested and renewed. 
This cream has lasted me a long time! I have not even hit the half-way mark! I have used this predominantly as a night cream and I’m sure it will last another 2 months. This retails for £49 (50ml) and is purse-friendly in comparison to another creme (ahem-la mer)

The scent is lovely (not artificial) and the packaging is just luxurious! Only my luxury items are featured on the peacock feathers! It has taken the company over 2 years to create this product and I cannot wait to try the future products they are currently working on!  



It’s my favourite day of the week – Friday! ⁣

I love to discover new indie brands! And for this weeks indie brand and #texturetuesday (on a Friday cause I didn’t have time to post on Tuesday and I love textures so I am jumping on the train for #allatexture by lovely @allaroutine ☺️) is the stunning Age Defying Daily Moisturiser from Crème Du Loch !

Crème De Loch is a cruelty free vegan brand that aims to deliver luxury and high quality British skincare which are affordable. I have been lucky to get to know their founder Honore, she Is such a humble person and you can tell that she has amazing knowledge in this field ! ⁣

Let’s talk about the product itself. If we start with packaging – its elegant and so pretty! I loved the green box the cream came in as well. The cream is rich and has such a luxurious feeling and texture! I love the scent of the cream too which is of cucumber. The cream performs really well on me and I have been enjoying it a lot during the last couple of weeks. 

Key ingredients in this cream is a unique and innovative blend of Scottish Kelp, key age-defying natural oils and the latest Retinol complex. The cream helps in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, tighten pores, improve skin texture and even skin tone whilst promoting a healthy glow !

I would and will definitely repurchase this cream! And I do recommend it to you all! If you live in US – Crème Du Loch offers free shipping for whole of October, so you should definitely take the opportunity and get yourself this cream ! ⁣



Dupe Alert - Luxury Alternatives

What it is: A luxuriously rich cream deeply soothes, moisturizes and heals away dryness. The legend is that La Mer founder Max Huber, PhD. was an aerospace scientist who developed Creme de la Mer as a response to chemical burns. It contains a variety of botanical oils and sea algae. He was famous for presenting the cream to beauty buyers by eating it and putting a glob in his eye to demonstrate the safety and soothing properties of the active ingredients.

Similarities: Both creams contain sea algae. La Mer boasts ocean algae and Creme du Loch offers fresh kelp from the Lochs of Scotland. Both are rich, thick night creams that are clean and include glycerin and botanical oils. .


Differences: Creme de La Mer is a thick white balm while Creme du Loch is off white and has more of a butter-like consistency. Unlike La Mer, Creme du Loch includes retinol as an active ingredient. .
CF: Creme du Loch/Yes
La Mer is owned by Estée Lauder and sold in China.

Ethos: Creme du Loch distinguishes itself with small batch production, a commitment to the environment by using only sustainable ingredients (ex., farmed kelp)

Side by side testing: I used Creme du Loch on one side of my face and Creme de La Mer on the other at night for two weeks. While both sides were well hydrated and bouncy, The Creme du Loch side seemed even softer. I attribute this to small batch production and the inclusion of Retinol to promote cell turnover.

Conclusion: If you suffer from dry skin or believe in advanced night hydration as a cornerstone of anti-aging skincare, you have options. Use what’s best for your skin at a price you can afford. 



 I’ve been using this beautiful night cream by Crème Du Loch for exactly a month now and thought it was time for an in-depth review.

I reached out to the company after noticing that they were based really close to my home town, and I love to support local up and coming brands. Their Marketing Co-ordinator, Honore was very sweet and sent this amazing Crème to me to try.

This cream is an ‘age-defying moisturiser born from the loch’ and the first thing you notice is the amazing scent, a refreshing hint of cucumber that makes you feel like you’re in the spa. I love applying this at night due to the luxe smell. The second outstanding element is the texture -it’s quite solid, I use a little spatula to scoop a small amount out, but it melts into the skin perfectly. A little goes a long way and the buttery crème sinks into my skin wonderfully.

This cream contains so many wonderful ingredients such as Scottish kelp as a powerful antioxidant, rosehip oil, vitamin E and calming chamomile oil. My skin loves it. I apply this liberally on my face and neck in the evening as a last step in my nightly routine. I’ve noticed the fine lines around my eyes are plumper and my skin over all is brighter and happier. I’ve used a third of this 50ml tub so I can image it’s going to last – which I’m happy about. 



Crème Du Loch a rich and hydrating anti-ageing Creme which helps reducing fine lines and wrinkles , tighten pores and helps to increase the skin texture. Mostly because of the key age - defying essential oils and retinol complex. As well as cucumber seed oil, rose hip oil, kelp extract and vitamin E.

The scent is very fresh and you can notice the fragrance of natural cucumber .

The texture is firmer (looks more like a butter) and before applying on your face (day or evening - or both) warm it between your fingers. It melts quickly into your skin.The Creme itself looks a bit like vanilla which I personally really like.

After using it now for quite a while I have to say that this is definitely one of THE BEST moisturisers I have used so far! 

My skin never felt better . It’s hydrated, I like the texture and how it feels on my skin - as well as the fact that I wake up with a healthy glow in the morning. 

If you are looking for an anti-ageing moisturiser with great ingredients, paraben free, cruelty free and vegan friendly. I can highly recommend this one ! 



Crème Du Loch gifted me their Luxe age-defying daily moisturiser and my face has been loving as I have since incorporated into my skincare routine. 


PACKAGING: The box is so elegant with a dark green colour and gold . I can tell you is now a storage for my foundation mini bottles.


SKIN: Mature skin FEELS: Rich and creamy like soufflé like. SMELLS: Fresh and light like cucumber


MAIN INGREDIENTS: Cucumber seed oil : High oxidant properties , protect against UVA/ external pollution. Cranberry seed oil : High oxidant properties / prevent visible ageing. Rosehip oil: Improves skin texture and appearance of acne scars, stretch marks. 


HOW I USE: I gently massage over my face and neck . I use it as part of my PM skincare routine. .


MY THOUGHTS: I love that Crème Du Loch moisturiser is from the latest variant of Retinol essential oils such as cranberry seed oil and sesame oil . We all know RETINOL cream has become a celebrity when it comes to anti - ageing as It contains powerhouse ingredients that’s good for the skin. I was shocked at the way the rich cream sinks into my skin immediately because as a combination skin , I don’t like heavy moisturiser. This literally melts so well which I love . No dryness since using . Even though Crème Du Loch is a new brand to me, but am happy to tell you the lovely people behind the brand have serious experience over 40 years in the luxury skin industry. So that tells us to look out for this amazing brand . The first week I incorporated this cream into my regime , I received this “ You’re glowing “ and I told myself after finishing this gifted one, am repurchasing! No story! Tell me who doesn’t want to glow ! I enjoyed the results .



Firstly the name Crème Du Loch.... Parisian, Scottish ... what is it, its SCOTTISH, kind of. I'll explain more on that in a bit! The company is a family run business, they spent years getting the product just right before launching it and boy was it worth the wait.


The most striking thing is how undeniably beautiful the packaging it, totally high end and completely luxurious, this is one for keeps, but if you don’t want to it's all 100% recyclable materials - something very important to the brand.


So it looks like the real deal, but how does it perform, well, I committed to using this every single morning and evening for 2 weeks and then only at night for the final 2, 4 weeks is a relatively short time to test a product, but I could have tested it for a matter of days and told you this. MY SKIN HAS NEVER LOOKED THIS GOOD. Honestly, this is the most incredible product I don’t know if it's the cucumber oil, or the retinol, maybe it's the fatty acids or the algae extracts or maybe it's the kelp, farmed in the west coast of Scotland in order to protect the natural habitat of wild kelp, you see this is a brand who really care, I've had such beautiful interaction with the brand and they are really special people.


My skin is smoother, far more even than it ever has been, I look fresher and my skin actually looks more vibrant and the most incredible thing is, when I wake up in the morning, my skin looks so flawless and it means that I am using far less make up, because you know what I say "skin is in" I could keep going and bamboozle you with science, but I wont, because that isn’t what I'm here for, I just want you to know that this creme is truly INCREDIBLE and I've never ever loved something this much, keeping it from you all this time has been really hard.


If you are looking for a cream that improves your skin and helps to slow the ageing process, is vegan and cruelty free, then look no further, the 50ml jar retails for £49, and to me, it's worth every single penny, I honestly cannot praise this cream highly enough from its fresh natural scent, to its incredible effects. So there we have it, my review of the wonderful Crème Du Loch age defying moisturiser, Scottish Kelp and all the wonder that it brings with it xxxxxx



Creme Du Loch is a luxury British skincare brand, dedicated to producing the finest products using high-grade skin nourishing ingredients, which are responsibly sourced. ⁣

The vision of Creme Du Loch is to deliver an innovative age-defying moisturiser which is not only packed full of high quality ingredients but also truly delivers on its promises.⁣ ⁣This is a family run business in collaboration with leading biochemists has over 40 years combined experience in the skincare industry. This brand spent over 2 years developing and improving their formula until they were astounded by the fabulous reviews from their test groups and the transformation of their skins' appearance. ⁣


What the product includes: ⁣

The finest, refined Scottish Kelp Extract helps to protect Collagen by protecting your skin against pollution and UVA rays whilst helping prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.⁣

Crème Du Loch® use the latest variant of Collagen boosting Retinol available which is proven to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.⁣


The unique combination of nutrient rich oils used creates a mild, fresh cucumber aroma with floral undertones, it smells absolutely divine and the texture is one of the best I’ve used to date! This gorgeous cream instantly melts into my skin with its souffle-like texture and glides onto the skin leaving it feeling silky soft without even a hint of oily residue. It is super nourishing on the dry patches of my face and definitely has the WOW factor. The cream comes in the most ⁣

beautiful deep green and gold presentation box which certainly gives the product a real quality and luxurious feel. It looks so gorgeous sat on my vanity and it would also make the most perfect gift.

If your looking for a new cream that includes the finest ingredients that aid in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, tighten pores, improve skin texture and even skin tone whilst promoting a healthy glow this is the cream for you. suitable for every skin type and even those with sensitive skin it sure is a winner



This cream makes my skin look and feel plump, smooth and very nourished. I’m starting to see results on my forehead line but anti-aging products need more time to show results. I’ll update once I finished the jar.

It contains wonderful plant oils: nourishing sweet almond, barrier repairing cucumber, regenerating sesame, wound-healing cranberry and gentle poppy seed oils. It also features plant extracts like soothing aloe and one of the star ingredients: Scottish kelp. Algae extract is a great source of anti-aging, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agents, and it is a good humectant and skin-conditioning substance. What makes this cream age-defying is the retinol. It is the most proven OTC anti-aging ingredient. It has to be converted into retinoic acid in the skin and it causes less irritation (it depends on the formula too) needs more time to show results. Using retinol (and spf) is always a great choice if you take anti-aging seriously (and who wouldn’t?)

I’ve been using this cream for 5 weeks now. As it contains humectants, emollients and a lot of anti-aging ingredients, you can use it as an only product in your nighttime routine after cleansing. I love a good nourishing cream in the evening so it is perfect for me. It is exceptionally rich and it melts into the skin beautifully. It doesn’t look or feel greasy on my normal-dehydrated skin but it definitely has a thicker texture. It has a quite strong floral scent (from natural essential oils) which I grew to be a fan of. Some people can be sensitive to any fragrant substance (natural or artificial) but luckily I haven’t experienced any irritation while using this magic cream.


Oh and talking about magic cream: some people compare this product to La Mer’s Crème de la Mer. I haven’t tried that one but they have some ingredients in common. This one has a way nicer ingredients list and it’s only portion of the price (£49). I recommend it for anyone who wants to use a luxurious nourishing anti-aging crème



Today I’m featuring this luxurious moisturiser from Crème Du Loch.

Everything about this product feels elegant, from the packaging to the texture. They spent over two years developing this moisturiser, and it really shows! Like I mentioned in my first impressions post, this has Scottish Kelp, Cucumber Seed Oil, Cranberry Seed Oil, Rosehip Oil, and Retinol. Since using this, my skin has appeared more even and has had such a lovely glow! ⁣

This has quickly become one of my top moisturisers. It’s hard for me to find one I can use for both morning and evening (either they’re too heavy for mornings or too light/not moisturising enough in the evenings), but this one is perfect! It’s a joy to use and a small amount goes a long way. If you’re in need of a moisturiser, this is a fantastic option! ⁣



My skin has never felt so moisturised and my favourite part is that it smells absolutely divine. I did notice improved skin complexion after 2 weeks of usage!


Luxury packaging and recyclable can you believe it!



This gorgeous, thick, creamy texture melts so beautifully on my skin. It forms a lovely, nourishing layer and is perfect to finish off my routine in the evenings. It contains a blend of Scottish sea kelp, key natural oils (not everyone's cup of tea, but I love them), Retinol, Rosehip oil.

This is so perfect for brightening the skin, improving the signs of ageing, plumping and firming as well as locking in moisture, improving skin texture and evening skin tone. The scent is very relaxing, it's like a cucumber, chamomile scent, it's very therapeutic and a great ritual to start or end the day with.



I have been using Crème Du Loch Age-Defying Daily Moisturiser for a little over a month now. Since the first time I used this I had high hopes because my skin did not have any bad reactions (and when my skin doesn’t like something it lets me know almost immediately!). But, I had absolutely no issues with this moisturiser, in fact, my skin and I both love it! I am forty-one so I have smile lines around my eyes, annoying lines on my forehead, and I do have some texture as well. Or I should say, I used to. I don’t want to claim that this is magic in a jar, but it really seems like it’s magic in a jar! 


My complexion looks so even now and a lot of those fine lines I had resigned myself to having, are gone. Like, actually gone! I don’t know if it’s the Retinol, the Rosehip oil, the Scottish kelp or the combination of all these amazing ingredients, but my skin is looking so good and I am so happy!

Making it even better, this moisturiser is also vegan, cruelty free, and has high quality ingredients that are all responsibly sourced. Plus, the pretty packaging is all recyclable!  Thank you Crème Du Loch for this wonderful staple of my PM skincare routine! 




⁣⁣⁣⁣I love to write about amazing indie beauty brand so this weeks #texturetuesday I wanted to talk about the beautiful luxurious texture of this gorgeous moisturiser from Crème Du Loch. I have not posted a review before now because I really like to try products properly before sharing my thoughts though with this moisturiser it was most definitely love at first use. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣


Crème Du Loch is a UK based Cruelty free and vegan brand that has excellent customer service and I have been lucky to have really gotten to know one of the founders very well and her passion for what she does really shows. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣


It is not easy being an independent beauty brand in such a saturated market but Crème Du Loch will do very well with this beautiful anti ageing cream and I will happily support them all the way. 

There are so many great things to say about this beautiful cream, it has a rich luxurious texture that feels so indulgent and absorbs in perfectly. The scent is beautifully, I know not everyone loves products that have a fragrance but for me I absolutely love the way some of the ingredients come through such as the Scottish kelp and a delicate hint of what I think must be the rose oil. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

The cream also contains retinol so I would always recommendation spf during the day though for me I don’t leave the house no matter the season with out a good quality facial spf. ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣


A great thing about this cream is that you only need the tiniest about so this 50ml pot will last me ages even though I use it so often.⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣

⁣Now all of this I could tell from the beginning after a couple of uses but what I did notice after using the moisturiser for longer is how it works to nourish my skin without blocking my pores it actually seems to really help soothe my hormonal breakouts and reduce my blemishes over night so I wake up with a clearer more radiant complexion. 



About three weeks ago I was kindly sent the Crème Du Loch age-defying daily moisturiser to try out. Since then I’ve used it most days and usually morning and evening. The cream itself feels quite thick and rich but doesn’t feel heavy at all. Really easy to massage into the skin with no greasy sticky residue. 

No added fragrance to it, the scent is fresh and lightly floral. It has a high mineral, antioxidant and vitamin content. The key ingredient is kelp which helps to add moisture to the skin and keep it hydrated. This also helps with fine lines and skin firmness. The addition of a retinol complex also adds to the anti-aging benefits. My skin really likes this cream. It feels smooth and soft at the moment with no signs of dryness or dehydration. A gorgeous cream with a real luxe feel to it.



So I’ve been completely weather beaten this week. Sun, sea, wind and rain have all taken a toll on my skin! Luckily my gorgeous friend from Crème Du Loch sent me their amazing moisturiser to try! I really suffer with my skin and am really fussy about what I use as anything too heavy can cause me to break out.


Often I find creams aren’t as moisturising as they should be. I needn’t have worried as this is AMAZING! It’s full of natural ingredients but also retinol so it’s helping with all my crinkles (mirror mirror reference for you!) I honestly couldn’t recommend this moisturiser enough. I’ve hardly used any in the two weeks I’ve had it so it’s definitely value for money!


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